About Us

Unitech Sound & Security Systems, LLC was founded in 1997 by Carlos Pina and Richard Adamow based upon their goals and ideas to collaborate each of their expertise in their respective fields to create a state of the art service and Installation team in the field of Sound Communications and Security. Their focus being on non-residential business based systems, Adamow and Pina took their ideas and built an efficient, successful business which is thriving and growing to this day. The foundation upon which the company was built is part of the reason for its efficiency. Unitech is an (E1) master electrical contractor, license dating back to 1982.

Unitech initially started in business in the intrusion security alarm and fire systems and over the years a reputation of great service and high quality installations was built. Alarm systems led to sound systems, and now with the nationwide push toward better healthcare, Unitech has branched into the field of healthcare.

we work out of our state of the art facility in Berlin, CT which includes large shop areas, storage facilities, a garage, offices and large conference room hosting competitively current sound and communications technology which they install in their clients’ businesses. Unitech’s fleet of service vans, trucks and equipment which enable them to maintain their standards and practices as a front-runner in their field.

Unitech’s ever expanding areas of expertise include nurse call systems, sound communications, church sound, security alarms, Fire alarms, card access systems, closed circuit television surveillance systems and school communication systems. Unitech pays personal attention to every detail to ensure that Unitech engineers the highest standards for comprehensive systems. We have built a strong alliance of Wes-Com Nurse Call Systems leading Unitech to have installed numerous Nurse Call systems in New England based on West-com Odyssey, West-Com Novus, West-Com FocusCare as well as associated Elpas Locator Systems, ComPage paging, and wireless systems.

Unitech Sound & Security Systems, LLC prides itself on honor and commitment to their clients’ satisfaction by hiring employees who are experienced, well trained, and hold all of the essential licenses and certifications which enable them to pay close attention to detail, and take pride in the work they do. They are undoubtedly part of the highest quality professionals in this field.