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All-In-One Interactive Nurse Console



All-In-One Interactive Nurse Console

West-Com’s Nurse Console allows staff members to view all the unit’s activities at a glance. Each Nurse Console displays a unit map that shows occupied rooms, patient requests, alerts and staff members’ locations. It is simple to answer calls, send caregiver requests and make staff member assignments using the interactive touch screen. There is no need for a second monitor or device at the nurses’ station. The Nurse Console also plays tones when requests or alerts are placed, using the standard volume level during the day and the reduced noise level at night.

FocusCare® Nurse Station 12L (FCNS-12L)

FocusCare Nurse Station

Interactive capacitive touch screen with a built in computer, and with an integrated handset and FocusCare® Lite software license.

  • Access to patient information, staff assignments and reports
  • Illuminates bar when a call is displayed, gives maximum visibility
  • Full duplex voice communication between nurse, patient and stations
  • Includes webcam
  • Customizable for nursing unit needs
  • Easy to clean

FocusCare® Software

FocusCare Software

Easy-to-use and maintain system allows for customizable signaling color schemes and sensitive mapping options that accommodate unusual room or bed layouts.

Patient CareBoard™

Patient Careboard

Helps boost staff efficiency as well as keep patients informed along the way by communicating important reminders, updates, current requests and general information

Unit CareBoard™

Nursing Unit Careboard

Designed for hallways or nursing areas where a large screen monitor can provide current assignments, patient status information and various other custom selectable fields.

i-Dome® Touch

iDome Touch

Clinical Connectivity Platform that revolutionizes nurse communication systems and directly helps increase patient satisfaction, staff response time, patient safety, and staff productivity.

  • Clear, easy to read, capacitive touch screen.
  • Configurable to display patient attributes and room status as well as patient discharge function.
  • Assists in staff to staff communication with respect to transportation, EVS, Rapid Response, Code Teams, among other orders.
  • Easy to set timers allow for automatic notifications including pain medication reassessment, rounding, vitals check, general prep and turn.
  • Supports multiple states; can cycle between 15 colors to illustrate several status issues.
  • Multiple layer task selection allows for specific and easy room requests.
  • Stand alone option available; not dependent upon a nurse call system.
  • Able to activate room status and patient status remotely via web interface using an IP based software system.
  • Dimmer available for nighttime settings.
  • Transport, Procedure and Equipment paging requests.
  • Call placement capability with timer option.
  • Mounts to 3-gang box, or single gang box with adaptor.
  • Integrates with existing Novus® systems when attached to the dome light.
  • Integrated mini-dome and speaker for call annunciation.

Infant Protection

Elpas Infant Protection Charm

Elpas Infant Protection Charm

The Elpas Infant Protection Charm is comprised of an ankle worn reusable Active RFID Tag, with a disposable size-adjustable, tamper-resistant anklet band made from safe baby friendly materials. The bracelet transmits real-time location data to a host RTLS application which tracks the whereabouts, movement and status of the protected infant.

Wander Protection

Elpas RFID Tags

Elpas Healthcare RFID Tags

Elpas offers application specific Active RFID Tags to help safeguard medical patients, assisted living residents and staff personnel and to better manage high-value medical delivery assets.

Asset Tracking

Elpas Commercial RFID Tags

Elpas Commercial RFID Tags

Elpas offers a comprehensive selection of supervised application specific, triple-technology Active RFID Tags designed to suit the safety, security and visibility needs.

Eiris Go Mobile

Eiris Go Mobile

Eiris Go is the newest member of the Eiris security management and location tracking platform.

Eiris Management Software

Eiris Tracking Software

Eiris Management Software is an affordable, end-to-end solution; providing real-time monitoring, command and control in a single unified system.

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