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West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc.

West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with the best products on the market as well as excellent sales and service support to ensure a greater experience. We understand the healthcare industry at its core and are prepared to meet your facility’s individual needs.

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Master Station (NCM-FC/H)

WestCall Master Station

FocusCare® Nurse Station 12L (FCNS-12L)

FocusCare Nurse Station

FocusCare® Software

FocusCare Software

Patient CareBoard™

Patient Careboard

Unit CareBoard™

Nursing Unit Careboard

i-Dome® Touch

iDome Touch

Telecor School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

Telecor has been designing sophisticated communications systems for the Educational, Healthcare, and Security/Correctional marketplaces which are installed, programmed, and serviced by factory trained Dealers.

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Telecor II and XL Systems

Telecor Logo

Telecor II and Telecor XL Systems

Teacher Helping Children Use Computer November


Since 1993, Elpas has been manufacturing advanced security and visibility products and solutions used to protect high-value assets, staff members, patients and visitors in acute care hospitals, manufacturing facilities, heavy material storage depots, and high-security museums.

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SpiderAlert Emergency Call Systems

Elpas SpiderAlert

Healthcare Tags

Elpas Healthcare Tags

Commercial Tags

Elpas Commercial RFID Tags

Eiris Go Mobile

Eiris Go Mobile

Eiris Management Software

Eiris Tracking Software


In 1970, Hospital Communications Inc. was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio and began selling and servicing hospital-grade television systems. Later HCI brought manufacturing in-house and hired a large sales force to distribute its products.

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HCI Android Bedmate

HCI Android Bedmate

HCI Android Set Top Box

HCI Android Set Top Box

MediaCare® Content Management Solution

MediaCare® Content Management Solution